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Instructional Design & Curriculum Creation​​

Stay on Top, With Drag and Drop - Creating Interactive Digital Activities


In my session, participants will understand what drag and drop activities are. They will also understand what the different types of activities look like within Google Slides. The four types of drag and drop activities that will be demonstrated to participants are: fill in the blank, annotation, sorting/classifying, and scene/background creation. Participants will also learn how to revamp an already created curriculum by using the snipping tool. For each type of draggable activity that will be demonstrated to participants they will have access to examples of these activities that have actually been used within my own classroom. At the end of the session participants will receive a Hyperlink document that has links to my website, contact information, the session recording, and detailed directions on how to create draggable resources. This session focuses on teaching educators how to take a curriculum that was static to fantastic. Educators learn how to use shapes, color, text boxes, images and the explore tool within Google slides to elevate pre-created curriculum and make it both digital and interactive. This presentation really focuses on making curriculum more accessible by teaching teachers how to modify curriculum to fit all student needs.  This presentation helps create more interactive activities which is great because not all students learn in the same way. 

Don’t Trip, Just Snip - Using the Snipping Tool to Create & Innovate

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In this session, participants will learn how to use the Snipping Tool to create creative content, instructional text and curriculum to share with and engage students. Participants will be given examples of how to use the snipping tool within Google Slides and Forms. Great session for teachers who love to create but just don't have the tools to do so. This session will be geared towards beginners. If you love Instructional Design, then this is for you.

Why not Try…Screencastify?

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In this session, participants will be introduced to the Chrome Extension, Screencastify by a Screencastify Certified Coach. Participants will be able to see how they can use this screen capturing tool to give instructions, tutorials and much more with their students. A great tool for both video creation and editing in any classroom. Come and learn how to incorporate Screencastify into your classroom. Teachers need to know how to incorporate video into their classrooms especially in this social media age. Students want to create content and this session will show teachers how to facilitate this process with their students. 

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